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Marshal Agro Chemcals

Marshal Super Rakshak

High Power

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Soluble Liquid

Mode of Action

Control broad spectrum of insects.


  • It helps for treating crops against mealybugs.
  • While contact mode of action it effectively controls broad spectrum of insects, pests in their various stages of growth.
  • It controls Mealybugs, White Flies, Thrips, Leaf Miners.
  • Used for treating crops against Oil Spot while contact mode of action.
  • It effectively controls broad spectrum of fungi & Bacteria disease in their various stages of growth.
  • Latest technology
  • Can be used for all stage of plant growth.
  • It is Eco friendly, non toxic, non poisonous, residue free, Biodegradable and target specific.

Crops Recommended

Cotton, ground nut, soya bean, chilly, sugarcane, onion, tobacco, all type of fruits, all types of vegetables, tea, coffee, etc.


2-3 Ml/ 1Ltr. of water as a preventive and curative use. Repeat after 7-10 days interval.


Result within 1 day sure, if used as per application prescribed

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