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Marshal Agro

Marshal Silver Star

High Power

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Soluble Liquid

Mode of Action

Bio organic growth promoter


  • It has inherent ability to chelate allow plants to store both vitamins amino acid and helps to increase their bio availability as and when required.
  • It increases sugar level and helps to fasten the intake from soil and applied fertilizers.
  • Silver Star provides respiration, increases metabolism of protein activity, multiplies enzymes, enhances the permit ability of cell membranes, cell division/elongation, aids in chlorophyll synthesis, enhances pulp and size of the berry mean more crop yield.
  • It protects plant from extreme weather conditions, fastens tissue growth and develops strong stems, branches and leaves.

Crops Recommended

All types of crops and plants.


1st spray-1 Ml/1 Ltr. water for spray at the time of flower setting
2nd spray on setting of fruits
3rd spray at the time of growing and ripening of fruits.
Can also used for seed treatment.


Result within 2-3 days sure, if used as per application prescribed

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