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Soluble Liquid

Mode of Action

Marshal Zyme provides faster growth of hormones in plants.


  • Enzymes are organic cataltsts produced by biological systems, which are capable of acting independency of the living cells & helps in the development of hormones.
  • All enzymes are proteins & proteins are highly esse ntial for better growth of plants.
  • Enzyme activation like potassium, which activates possibly fifty enzymes.
  • Enzymes has the potential to increase productivity & reduces toxicity in foods.
  • It increases crop yield (weight, size, quality) of the product.

Crops Recommended

Fruits, flowers, Vegetables, cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds, Cotton, Sugar cane, Maize, Tobacco, Tea & Coffee and forest also


For spraying: 2ml/1 liter water.
For dreaching: 4ml/1 liter water.


Compatible with all commonly used pesticides & fungicides.


Result within 3 days sure, if used as per application prescribed.

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