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Marshal Mix-3


Soluble Liquid

Mode of Action

Strengthen roots of crop.


  • Potash availability due to K-Suck spray on leaves increases sugar content, taste, weight, color and shelf life of fruits.
  • It increases disease resistance capacity of plant.
  • When spray on leaves it activates roots in much a way that they become turgid and more plastic thus creating more space in roots. This improves ion exchange capacity of roots and it can absorb mainly potassium as well s other large size cations such as Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, ferrous etc.

Crops Recommended

Cotton, ground nuts, vegetables, soyabean, chilly, all types of fruits, sugar cane, onion, tobacco, tea, coffee etc.


1ml/1Ltr of water for spray.
4ml/1Ltr of water for dreaching.

1st Spray: At flowering stage

2nd Spray: At fruit setting stage (12-20 days after 1st spray)

3rd Spray: Fruit Formation stage(20 days after 2nd spray or as per requirement)


Result within 1 week sure, if used as per application prescribed.

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