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Soluble Liquid

Mode of Action

Strengthen the roots of the plants and fixes the root deep in the soil. Accelerates Bio Chemical reaction in the roots of plant cells.


  • The roots of the plants act as miners moving through the soil & bringing needed minerals into the plants roots.
  • Cop & min helps the roots to spread over wider area in the soil. Which supports the strongly.
  • Plants take up various minerals through their root system, so the root has to be made strong & for this Marshal cop & min is the best.
  • It provides moisture & nutrition to the plants like calcium, magnesium, sulphur, baron, copper etc. Which is nacesary for the growth of fruits, vagetables, flowers, grains etc.

Crops Recommended

Fruits, flowers, Vegetables, cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds, Cotton, Sugar cane, Maize, Tobacco, Tea & Coffee and forest also


Mix marshal cop & min with water first before use only.
For spraying: 1.5ML & 1.5ML / 1 Liter water
For dreaching: 3ML & 3ML / 1 Liter water


Compatible with all commonly used pesticides & fungicides.


Result within 6 days sure, if used as per application prescribed.

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